"Your entrance ticket to the world of crypto data"

Best practice indicators for evaluating Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.

Use our online-spreadsheet’s live-charts for identifying highs and lows, taking your decision making to the next level.

Plus: Save your favourite indicators for Quick-Access, Charting, Altcoins, Trading & Staking Data & More.

Independent Charts collection

Ready to use collection of 44+ live-charts for best practice analysis. Your search for crypto indicators that work is over.

easy to use spreadsheet

Fundamental Analysis, Technical-Analysis, Chain-Metrics, Mining Statistics, Social/Sentiment & Trading Data at your fingertips with our link collection.

no noise

We filtered out the noise. Just use the metrics that really matter for quick but comprehensive decision making.

Yearly Membership

For just 24.95$ you get a year access to our indicators matrix. Why should you pay too much for high value crypto data? Our spreadsheet is the answer!

Bitcoin valuation sheet

Make Smarter Decisions, Start your Analysis now!


$ 24.95 / year

+20% VAT


Please read our disclaimer first.

Updates, Friends & Referrals

Want to pay in Crypto? No problem. We also offer payments in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT – ERC20 Address) and DASH.

Yes, we do have some favourite crypto projects:

  • Mt. Pelerin (Your Future Blockchain Bank)
  • GoJoy (Social Commerce for China)
  • Holochain (Agent Centric DLT with no Bottlenecks)
  • (8m TPS Enterprise Blockchain)
  • (Decentralized Investing Ecosystem)
  • Solana (Web Scale Blockchain)

… to name a few. We will provide more Info on our favourite projects in the future. So stay tuned!

Referrals to come. Stay tuned!

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