Looking for tops and bottoms in Bitcoin and the crypto markets?

We have researched the crypto space for years in order to evaluate Bitcoin’s sometimes hard to digest volatility and strong price moves.

From the innumerable amount of charts, opinions, strategies and (trading) indicators out there we structured and compiled what we think are the web’s best live-charts for analyzing the crypto market and finding over- and undervaluations in Bitcoin’s – and other cryptocurrencies – prices.
Price vs. Value


With our package you’ll get forwarded to 44 indicators (from 13+ independent sources) so you can analyze the relation of the price of Bitcoin on one hand and it’s (fundamental) value on the other. We chose to include only the most important and effective but also easy to interpret metrics/charts.


Of course you don’t have to use all indicators at the same time.


For example you can choose one indicator out of each of our 6 categories (Fundamental Analysis, Chain-Metrics, Technical Analysis, Social Scores & Sentiment and Mining) that you like best or which fit best to your personal strategy.


In combination you get comprehensive insights about Bitcoin’s price movements and the crypto market in general – perfect for taking profit or deciding when to buy bitcoin.


Different time frames and strategies need a different perspective. In our chart collection you will find (very) short term price indicators as well as very long term charts.


What you’ll get

We are convinced to provide you with a great entrance ticket to the world of crypto indicators  that you can build and grow upon.


With our Spreadsheet you are all set up to monitor bitcoin’s price action and the crypto markets from different angles to decide when to buy and when best to sell.


Below some of the bitcoin indicators contained in our spreadsheet and a small visual teaser of just some of (the parts of) the data you’ll learn about:

  • Blockchain Activity Metrics
  • Stock to Flow Ratio
  • Unrealised Profit
  • HODL Waves, Pi Cycle Top Indicator
  • Monetary Inflation Schedule, BEAM
  • Volatility Spikes, Reserve Risk, Golden Multiplier, …
  • Fear & Greed, Bulls/Bears Ratio, Social Sentiment Trends, …
  • Miner Capitulation, Hashrate & Difficulty Ribbons, …
  • Marketcap, Commitment of Traders, Seasonality, …

Here is a preview of our members area.


1) Explore our indicators library - currently 44 different valuations in 6 categories: Chain Metrics, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Mining, Social Sentiment & Trading.


Bitcoin Indicators Collection (Blockchain Metrics, Technical Analysis, Sentiment Indicators, ...)


2) Select your favourite metrics for quick access and effective analysis


Bitcoin Indicators Collection (Blockchain Metrics, Technical Analysis, Sentiment Indicators, ...)


3) A small selection of the indicator charts we chose to include


Charts and Indicators to analyze Bitcion and evaluate price to value

Staking, Large Trading Orders, Tether-Printing

Besides the live-chart indicators from our 6 categories mentioned above:


– You will also learn how to compare staking rewards (staking-yields of different coins/tokens) and which providers offer staking for what coin.


– You will be able to track significantly large trading orders for Bitcoin on different exchanges that can influence bitcoin’s price short term. You’ll also get information on different altcoins besides BTC.


– You can decide to get alerts about when and how much Tether (USDT) is printed in real time.

NOTE: This page should not be interpreted as financial advise. Please read our full disclaimer on the previous page.