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35+ Metrics, 14+ Sources

  • (On-)Chain-Metrics
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Social Scores & Sentiment
  • Mining
  • Staking and Trading Data

Best practice indicators for evaluating Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.

Use our spreadsheet’s live-charts for identifying highs and lows, taking your decision making to the next level.
Plus: Save your favourite indicators for Quick-Access, Charting, Altcoin & Staking Data & More.

Independent Charts collection

Ready to use collection of 35+ live-charts for best practice analysis. Your search for crypto indicators that work is over.

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Fundamental Analysis, Technical-Analysis, Chain-Metrics, Mining Statistics and Social/Sentiment Data at your fingertips with our link collection.

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We filtered out the noise. Just use the metrics that really matter for quick but comprehensive decision making.

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For just 24.95$ you get a year access to our indicator matrix. Why should you pay too much for high value crypto data? Our spreadsheet is the answer!

  • Blockchain Activity Metrics
  • Stock to Flow Ratio
  • Unrealised Profit
  • HODL Waves, Pi Cycle Top Indicator
  • Monetary Inflation Schedule, BEAM
  • Volatility Spikes, Reserve Risk, Golden Multiplier, …
  • Fear & Greed, Bulls/Bears Ratio, Social Sentiment Trends, …
  • Miner Capitulation, Hashrate & Difficulty Ribbons, …
  • Marketcap, Commitment of Traders, Seasonality, …
  • … AND MANY MORE … (if you like … ;-))

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1) Explore our indicators library - currently 44 different valuations in 6 categories: Chain Metrics, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Mining, Social Sentiment & Trading.


Bitcoin Indicators Collection (Blockchain Metrics, Technical Analysis, Sentiment Indicators, ...)


2) Select your favourite metrics for quick access and effective analysis


Bitcoin Indicators Collection (Blockchain Metrics, Technical Analysis, Sentiment Indicators, ...)


3) A small selection of the indicator charts we chose to include


Charts and Indicators to analyze Bitcion and evaluate price to value

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